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Self-care is a lifelong commitment of continually choosing to show up for yourself (and that’s not a linear path)to know what you need, what best serves you, and how to honor your well-being without sacrificing your health or worth, so you can show up as you truly are in this world and be there with and for the people you care about. There's nothing dazzling or limiting about this. It's true inner work, for an honest peace of mind, which leads to a high quality life. We are all capable of this.

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Wednesday Nov 11, 2020

With guest Christine Sferco, child and youth care social worker, we discuss the difference between validation and acknowledgement, healing through trauma, and the non-linear path of self-care.
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Wednesday Nov 04, 2020

With guest Carlee Murrell of Carlee Fit, we discuss energy, spirituality, and the movement in the fitness industry away from aesthetic and into overall health and wellbeing.
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Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

With guest Melissa Shafer, a wellness coach and instructor with the Nutritional Therapy Association, we discuss the high expectations that we place on food and the definition of and how to overcome orthorexia. 
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010 | Sitting In Your Power

Wednesday Oct 21, 2020

Wednesday Oct 21, 2020

With guest Megs Elemans of ME Photo, we chat all about shifting your focus from the arrival to the ride, empowerment photography, and sitting in your power.
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008 | Mindful Morning Routines

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

All your morning routine questions ​answered in this episode! Including, How to start a routine? What are the benefits of a morning routine? Routine vs. Coping mechanism. Setting boundaries with others, and oh so much more! Grab a notebook, your favorite beverage of choice and get to listening + learning.

Wednesday Jun 10, 2020

Many topics are covered in today's episode as Courtney shares her personal journey + realizations around her own mood swings. Listen and learn what your emotions have to do with the healing path. Courtney touches on fear, depression, bipolar, crippling anxiety, trauma, empowerment and more.

Wednesday May 27, 2020

In this episode, Courtney will discuss the purpose and power of intentional spaces and rituals and why it matters when developing a self-care lifestyle. She gives you the recipe and inspiration to make your own, with what you got, debunking the myth that it should look any certain way. Court calls for us to stop comparing and to start cultivating! This delicate dance between practicing gratitude and manifesting your heart’s desire is done gracefully when you learn to see the beauty hidden in plain sight! This episode will have you eager to set up a dedicated space to show up for yourself with excitement! What are the tokens and symbols that you will find? Since this episode was recorded Court has learned that the term “smudge” is specific to a group of indigenous individuals and would like to encourage use of the words “space clearing” or “blessing a space” rather than specifically referring to the burning of herbs as smudging. As a community driven podcast, your feedback is important! If you feel called, leaving a review greatly helps or you can submit a podcast topic idea here: (case sensitive!)

Wednesday May 13, 2020

Welcome back! Today you will hear about Courtney’s experience using Oracle/Goddess cards and fumbling her way into Tarot territory. During Courtney's travels in Central America and Mexico, this maternally transcendent deck found her in a sort of spiritual rights of passage. Participate in guided meditation lessons as Courtney tells her story that she hopes will inspire others. ​​As a community driven podcast, your feedback is important! If you feel called, leaving a review greatly helps or you can submit a podcast topic idea here: (case sensitive!)

Friday May 01, 2020

In this episode Courtney lays down 7 steps to help us make lasting changes in our life! The beauty of this information is that it prepares us for ways to respond when obstacles inevitably arise in life. We are reminded of the grace we will need to have with ourselves during the process of shedding old habits and the time it takes to find what you love and what works. Court talks about the humbling and spiritual experience of getting to know yourself, what you want and going after it!  As a community driven podcast, your feedback is important! If you feel called, leaving a review greatly helps or you can submit a podcast topic idea here! Topics covered in this episode: Decide Take Action Get off track, face an obstacle Show-up for yourself, face the push-back (internal and external) Pause. Listen. Observe the habitual tendencies and the loop it keeps you stuck in Practice grace (self-compassion) and accept yourself where you are at Break the cycle by trying something new! (again and again and again)

Wednesday Apr 15, 2020

“All I know is that my life is better when I assume that people are doing their best. It keeps me out of judgment and lets me focus on what is, and not what should or could be.” ~Brené Brown What would it be like to offer yourself that same compassion? In this episode, our Self-Care Creature and Educator, Courtney, advocates for ways to treat yourself lovingly while you objectively, and graciously observe your whole self, beliefs, stressors, cycles and all of it! Courtney shares her personal experience, observations and asks you to answer honestly, “How are you showing up for yourself?” As a community driven podcast, your feedback is important! If you feel called, leaving a review greatly helps or you can submit a podcast topic idea here! Topics Covered in this Episode:   Tips and Stories on objective and compassionate (self)observation Ways to embody and integrate shifts with daily tasks Uncover where you picked up beliefs in childhood that aren’t serving you Gratitude + Giving thanks Why crying is ok Getting comfortable with crying  


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