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Self-care is a lifelong commitment of continually choosing to show up for yourself (and that’s not a linear path)to know what you need, what best serves you, and how to honor your well-being without sacrificing your health or worth, so you can show up as you truly are in this world and be there with and for the people you care about. There's nothing dazzling or limiting about this. It's true inner work, for an honest peace of mind, which leads to a high quality life. We are all capable of this.

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Friday Sep 15, 2023

WELCOME BACK, CREATURES! We're thrilled to be back, ready to reconnect with all of you! In this episode, Courtney shares her journey as she returns to the podcasting scene, catching up after three years with personal updates and rediscovered passions. Courtney delves into why she decided to make a comeback and unveils some exciting changes in the mix. Most importantly, she expresses heartfelt thanks for the unwavering support from listeners, like you, during the hiatus. We're eager to hear your thoughts, so don't be shy - connect with the links below! Here we go - diving back into the world of self-care, community care, and all things personal growth together. 🥂
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Sunday Sep 10, 2023

With guest Hayley Siggs, we get into how you can remain authentic and be more open to being wrong and having difficult conversations in our new world post-2020.
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Wednesday Dec 02, 2020

Welcome to season 2 where we are having candid, open, honest conversations from people, friends, and clients that I admire. I'm diving in with my guests Paige Sparks & Madison Reed, budding therapists, who specialize in addiction + recovery. We discuss the role of mindfulness in recovery and why therapy isn't one size fits all.
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Wednesday Nov 25, 2020

With guest Dr. Tee Williams, social justice educator, we discuss frame-bending and frame-busting experiences, how patterns hijack rational thinking, and Dr. Tee's journey of continual self-discovery through the social justice lens.
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Wednesday Nov 18, 2020

With guest James Rose, actor and writer, we discuss antidotes to thin culture in the wellness industry, trauma-informed yoga, and James's experience with COVID-19.
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Wednesday Nov 11, 2020

With guest Christine Sferco, child and youth care social worker, we discuss the difference between validation and acknowledgement, healing through trauma, and the non-linear path of self-care.
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Wednesday Nov 04, 2020

With guest Carlee Murrell of Carlee Fit, we discuss energy, spirituality, and the movement in the fitness industry away from aesthetic and into overall health and wellbeing.
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Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

With guest Melissa Shafer, a wellness coach and instructor with the Nutritional Therapy Association, we discuss the high expectations that we place on food and the definition of and how to overcome orthorexia. 
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010 | Sitting In Your Power

Wednesday Oct 21, 2020

Wednesday Oct 21, 2020

With guest Megs Elemans of ME Photo, we chat all about shifting your focus from the arrival to the ride, empowerment photography, and sitting in your power.
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008 | Mindful Morning Routines

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

All your morning routine questions ​answered in this episode! Including, How to start a routine? What are the benefits of a morning routine? Routine vs. Coping mechanism. Setting boundaries with others, and oh so much more! Grab a notebook, your favorite beverage of choice and get to listening + learning.


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